Teksta vs Zoomer – Who Wins The Clash of the Two Ultimate Robotic Dogs?

We have spoken a lot about Teksta – the robotic puppy in this blog, but now it is time to find out how Teksta fares when compared to its ‘new’ arch rival – Zoomer, which seems to be another sensational robotic puppy and it has become an instant hit amongst millions of customers across the globe. If you are in a dilemma as to which one of these robotic marvels would be an ideal gift for your kid for christmas 2013, I would recommend you to read on to find out the ultimate winner of the battle between Teksta vs Zoomer.

Price – Which robotic pup is the costlier one?

The Teksta robotic puppy costs around $99.99 and the Zoomer robotic pup is around $94.99 ( $92.99 on Amazon.com )
Verdict – There is not a vast difference when it comes to the price of Teksta and Zoomer. The additional few dollars for the Teksta robotic pup is justified with the fact that it comes with its accessories like the bone and ball.
Winner- It is a TIE!

Colour- Which is more attractive?

The Teksta robotic pup comes in blue and pink to distinguish between the male and female, while Zoomer looks dazzling in its black and silvery white. You also have the option of buying Zoomer in a pretty eye soaring purple.
Verdict- Zoomer has the edge over Teksta when it comes to the colour and appearance as it comes with a cool purple hoody which may not look really cool, but for people who love to make their dog look funky, Zoomer is the one for you!
Winner – Zoomer , not by a great margin!

Linguistic Power – Teksta or Zoomer – Who is the linguist here?

The fact that Zoomer can understand a variety of languages like Spanish, French and English makes him the more ‘literate’ pup when compared to Teksta. In the UK version, Zoomer can respond to your commands in Russian too!
Winner – Zoomer is the clear winner by a mile!

Accessories – What do you get apart from the dog?

Teksta finally has got a say in this fight with its super cool toys – the bone and ball. There are no additional accessories to accompany Zoomer except for the lone purple hoody.
Winner- Teksta wins this battle and Zoomer could be a formidable competitor to Teksta if its makers could just find something for the cute little pup to play with.

Power and Weight – Teksta or Zoomer – Who is more ‘healthy’?

If we are talking about a real life pup, we would definitely want it to weigh more but in the case of a robotic pup, we would definitely prefer it to weigh less. Zoomer weighs around 2.6 lbs and Teksta weighs around 2.9 lbs.

Talking about the way in which these robotic pups are powered, the Teksta robotic pup requires 4XAA batteries which is not included with the kit, while the Zoomer makes use of USB chargeable batteries, which means that you are going to save on the cost of batteries time and again if you are going to go with Zoomer and the best part is that it is included with the dog on purchase.

Winner- Zoomer takes this away from Teksta due to the fact that USB powered batteries will always have an edge over the conventional batteries in terms of cost. Teksta weighs slightly less when compared to Zoomer but the difference is very less to make it an advantage for the Teksta pup.

What’s Common Between Teksta and Zoomer?

With all that’s said and done about these two lovely robotic pups, there’s a lot in common between Teksta and Zoomer. You have the freedom to control both the dogs with Android or iOS apps. Both the pups can be taught easily and activated with your speech. This is what makes them really cool, in my opinion. Last but not the least, you are free from the humongous burden which pets of today bring in, in the form of pet food, pet care and so on.

The Final Word – Who is the Ultimate Winner?

At the end of the day, we need to accept the fact that Teksta and Zoomer are wonderful gifts from the world of technology to the kids of today. The Teksta is a much older competitor in the market as it is available right from 2000 while Zoomer is a newbie (launched in 2013).

In terms of customer satisfaction, Zoomer fairs better and Teksta seems to have certain glitches and a marginally higher return rate. However, if you are buying Teksta from Amazon.com you can very well forget about the worry of returning it, if found to be malfunctioning, thanks to the website’s easy return process. Zoomer has won the hearts of many customers which makes this pup’s future pretty bright.

Zoomer is capable of doing the funny cocking posture while the Teksta can perform its famous 360 degree back flip. You are going to love Teksta for what it can do and how it responds.

In a nutshell, I feel Zoomer wins the battle of the robotic pups by a very tiny margin. I would still recommend Teksta but Zoomer being a newbie has outplayed Teksta in a very few areas which makes it more favoured !
Teksta or Zoomer , they ought to make you happy! Have fun.

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38 thoughts on “Teksta vs Zoomer – Who Wins The Clash of the Two Ultimate Robotic Dogs?

  1. I got the zoomer pup. He does need training. Play with zoomer everyday so he may learn. We got the purple one at toys are us on line.No hoodie comes with it unless you buy it at wal-mart only! You c a n not buy a hoodie or a power charger ( if you dont have a computer to charge zoomer.) From the company. I have a cell phone with a charger with a ubs conection. And put zoomers ubs in that and it DID CHARGE. I thought I would charge zoomer to see if he worked. He does. Just needs training now ALOT OF IT. BUT ALL IN ALL HAPPY WITH ZOOMER. Just train train TRAIN!!!!!!!

  2. I am looking at two of these for my grandsons. If I put different color collars on them, would that interfere with the movement? The kids are 6.5 years old and have been wanting a puppy. These look age appropriate. Wondering how long the charge lasts.

    1. The collars shouldn’t mess up their movement as long as the collars are small. As for the battery life, it should last 20 to 30 minutes depending on how actively he is being used.

      1. Yeah you are definitely right! I over zoomer so much! He is actually a friend of my other real dog called Mia! Thanks to everyone who says that zoomer is better than Teksta!

    1. Excuse me I think you are wrong bitch or fucker you are definitely wrong! Don’t you think this lady is very very very very wrong, the Teksta is so bloody boring and ooooooooooold, the new version of zoomer has 2x more the tricks than it ever had!

  3. Texta is awesome I have 9kids 8 of them love texta 1 likes zoomer but it does everyone HEADING………….zoomer:( texta:). P.s texta is better

  4. Can 2 Zoomer dogs interact with each other? I am trying to decide if it is worth buying zoomie to go with zoomer for my granddaugher?

    1. Yes it is worth it! There is a zoomer and zoomie at my house and they do interact. The zoomie will sometimes get Xs and Os in her eyes a “kiss” zoomer. So cute, so entertaining .

  5. Beware of purchasing anything from tekno . They have a very poor warranty policy. The customer service is very poor. We purchased a dog for our granddaughter and it broke in less then an hour. I contacted customer service and they won’t warranty because I bought it from the worlds largest online retailer….

  6. I’ve got zoomer he’s so amazingly cute! I saw the toys are us advert, Teksta and zoomer were both on it; it doesn’t seem teksta can walk properly, am I right?

  7. Hello

    My dog is sitting and all ligth flash and sounds “beee beee” and its don´t move. What can I do? I put new batterys but it don´t move.



    Mi perrito se sienta, todas las luces parpadean y suena un pitido sin parar, ¿Qué puedo hacer? Las pilas son nuevas pero no se mueve ni hace nada.


  8. Hey, I haven’t got zoomer yet, but the version I am getting is way better than the first version! Cause my one has 2x more tricks than the first one, it has like 30 tricks!

    1. Yeah thatS the one ive brought my son it’s the 2014 version! Can’t wait to give him it for Christmas! I want hubby to buy me a pink one and I’m 28 and mummy of two lol!

    1. Spot is from he zoomer line of guppies! It’s cool but is a primitive version of zoomer! Zoomer can do all the full tricks. ZupPies can do some small games but is a side line they come up with like the teksta newborn puppies! Zoomer does full fledged stuff!

  9. I LOVE teksta because, zoomer can barely flip,he/she just turns over and then gets back up but,teksta flips wright!If u said zoomer u r so wrong!


  10. Teksta is the best because it has like 30 tricks and if you want it to look realistic there is one that is black and white. Teksta is only £45 and is supposed to last 5 – 10 years if you look after it .

    Teksta is the best for kids!!!😜

  11. Zoomer all the way! It’s so good I want one and I’m 28 with two kids. I brought teksta before I knew about zoomer and soon returned teksta still unopened and brought zoomer instead! It can do so much more and is more versatile it wheels around independently, more agile and not just go in one direction. If all that teksta can do is sit and backflip and beg then zoomer wins this by more than a very tiny margin! Zoomer can play dead, roll over, sit, paw, protect, play and so much more! Give zoomer a normal ball to play with and he’ll chase it and go after it! Don’t need actual accessories! I have watched so many reviews on zoomer and I’m so excited to give my son his for Christmas! I might convince my hubby to buy me a pink one 😍

  12. Wtf are yours people mad testa zoomed testa zoomed there both robot dogs either way an there both sh1t so get a life !!!!!!!!!

  13. Wtf are you’s people mad testa zoomer testa zoomerthere both robot dogs either way an there both sh1t so get a life !!!!!!!!!

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