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Pets are lovable, affectionate and worth devoting your valuable time for. However, with the way the world works today, taking care of your pet is a cumbersome task at stake. You’ve got to feed it, take it for a walk, ensure that it is healthy and sound and above all, clean its poop! Yes, you got it right – Your love for pets comes at a price and the price is huge, considering the amount of time and energy involved. So, does that mean you can never have a pet? Hell no

Teksta Puppy- Technology’s Gift To Pet Lovers!

Thanks to the advancement of technology, pet lovers of the modern day have something to cheer about – The Teksta Robotic Puppy. So what’s so special about this pet? Apart from the fact that you do not have to clean its poop, there are umpteen numbers of ‘super-cool’ features which are definitely going to impress you.

How does the Teksta Puppy Communicate With You?

This is one of the most common questions which the inventors of the Teksta Puppy had to address and I should say that they have done a brilliant job. You have the freedom of making your pet dance to your tunes – well, quite literally. This robotic marvel uses a hand gesture technology which ensures that your hand’s movements controls the pup’s actions. How cool is it to see your pet walking and stopping according to the movement of your hand and most importantly, without a second of time spent in training! One of the best things about this pup is the ‘wow-demanding’ back flips that it can perform in front of your envious guests, in front of whom you can stand as a proud owner of the Teksta Pup.

This Pup Can Walk, Flip and Feel As Well!

Okay, now you ask, a real pup has senses which makes it respond to sound or touch , does Teksta the robotic puppy have all that? Of course yes! Teksta is super intelligent when it comes to emotions and it uses its eye to indicate how it is actually feeling right now. How cute is that? The best part about this pup is that it wags its tail and walks to you when call it out by name. Touch the pup and its going to make it happy instantly. Is there anything else that a real pup can do?

No Pet Food & Pet Care For Mr. Teksta!

People shell out a lot of money on pet food and pet care today. With the Teksta pup you are blessed, for you do not have to spend a single penny on it except for the batteries to keep it alive. The most interesting part about the Teksta pup is that you can feed it with its own bone and kill its boredom by making it play with its ball. The list of things that Teksta can do is simply endless and the amount of effort which you need to put in absolutely null!

In a nutshell, the Teksta Puppy is a wonderful replica of a real life pup and one must appreciate the sincere efforts taken by the inventors to ensure that pet lovers do not feel that this robotic pup has something missing when compared to a real pup. It can bark, walk, flip and literally talk with its eyes. What else could you expect from this cute little robotic pup?

Where Do I Buy This Robotic Marvel From?

With all that’s said and done, you ought to be impressed by this spectacular robotic pup. This site has been setup with the sole aim of catering to the pet aficionados who are not really equipped with everything that’s necessary to take care of a real life pup, by bringing out the latest and relevant information about the Teksta Puppy and stuff about where you can actually buy one from. So what are you waiting for?
teksta robotic puppy

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68 thoughts on “Welcome to Teksta Robot Dog Website

    1. dog just sits with alarm going off. changed batteries twice. still sits. my grandbaby
      crying fix it. Never got much use out of this thing.. cost a lot. expected more.

    2. The teksta app doesn’t work and I’ve tried everything, I hold down the spanner every five secs, I make sure its quiet and close to the puppy, my tablet is full volume, I’ve checked the version and made sure I’m above 3.0 but still it dosent work. Does anyone have any advice? If u do then I will really appreciate it if u help me. Thx

  1. My Teksta takes a long time to get into the sitting position, even with brand new batteries, and makes a lot of noise. It is much quicker in the video help. Why is it taking so long (around 10 seconds)?

  2. Do you have to have a tablet to work Texsta or will he work without one? Have you any plans for an iphone version of the app?

      1. How so u get the tablet app to work the my teksta puppy won’t respond and I’m pressing down the spanner, I’m on the correct version, my tablet is full version, I make sure it is quiet! Why won’t it work!?

  3. Honestly I am extremely disappointed, got this for my 10 year old, it does so very little, and when we do the backflip it always tilts forward on it’s nose (we have to put it on a blanket).

    It’s noisy and slow, not worth half the price.

    1. cop on morten its the best mine does little but its brilliant. Its noisy but so am I. I am looking at it as I type it got a crackly bark and every other noise it makes is crackly but I don’t care. Just lighten up a little.

  4. Hi

    Where on this website can I place a order for a Tekno Robotic Puppy with Bone & Ball? I would like to order x2 (1 pink 1 blue) ASAP and to be delivered before Christmas.


    1. you have to go on the amazon website or argos website the teksta the pink and blue are on both of them so check now. hope you enjoy it because my cousin kian has one and were enjoying it too that’s why we now.

  5. me and my cousin kian have been playing with teksta and kian got the teksta foe Christmas today and we enjoyed playing with him and we are still playing with him. he is a lovley dog you also get a pink one but kian my cousin got the blue one

  6. Both my kids wanted Zoomer but we brought two Teksta, purely because they came in two different colours and they would not mix them up.
    We are absolutely disgusted with this toy!!!! Brought two (one pink and one blue) for Christmas for my kids from Santa. The pink worked fine but the blue would not even turn on (we had a brand new packet of batteries). I had to listen to my 6 year old cry on Christmas day because his toy wouldn’t work!!!!
    We brought these in Tesco, who will not take responsibility because I have no receipt. I am now waiting on my bank to come back with an itemized transaction from the store, to prove I brought the puppies there!
    Such a bad ongoing experience. Do not but this toy!!!!

  7. What a load of crap! Nothing but bad reviews which I wish id of read first. Just a massive let down for your littlens. All you kids saving your money for this, keep your receipt. You’ll be needing it the day after purchase.

    1. o my god I can’t believe my eyes(if people were really talking it would be I cant believe my ears)some people. THIS MESAGGE IS FOR ALL KIDS THIS TOY IS THE BEST FOR ALL AGES DONT MIND THOSE PEOPLE PERFECT TOY FOR ALL AGES.

  8. my son teksta dog is stuck in the sitting postion tried changing its batteries any ideas anyone thanks maxine

  9. Good Morning
    My daughter had her Teksta Robert for her birthday on Monday and the ear has broken, would you be able to send me a replacement
    Kind Regards

  10. Hi i was just wondering does the teksta puppy interact with the teksta kitten as im looking to purchase both for my daughter. Thanks

  11. I just bought a new techno dog and I played with it for 1 hour and it was stuck in the sitting position and it keep saying techno.

  12. Hello
    The ear has fallen off the 8 month old puppy version. It is lost. My daughter is devastated to say the least. Where can we get a replacement?

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