Teksta features on Hamleys’ Hottest Toys for Christmas list

It’s time for Christmas and top toy stores are busy announcing the names of toys to watch out for this Holiday season. One such toy retailer, well renowned for their accurate prediction of toys that will rock the season, is Hamleys. And this year, Hamleys is all proud about Teksta- an upgraded version of the classic robotic puppy. The store is certain that Teksta is going to be the hottest toy of the season for it is as cute as it is smart.

The puppy is built with emotional intelligence which means that Teksta will behave differently depending on the way you touch it. The coolest feature that is sure to impress little ones is that the puppy does a quick somersault the moment you lift your arm and say ‘Flip’! And like every hi-tech robot, Teksta can shake a leg to the music you play. The makers have even added an IPad App that helps you control the puppy.

Other toys in Hamleys list include Furby Boom, LeapPad Ultra, Teksta, Doc McStuffins and Monster High Dolls.

teksta robot dog christmas 2013

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