Teksta Dog Troubleshooting

This page will be updated with frequently occuring problems among Teksta Dog users and their soultions

Marco Cuevas from California – Hello I just purchased the pink version. I installed 4 new AA batteries and cant get the puppy to stop saying “Tekno” every command, hand gesture, and sound the puppy detects and the only responses i get is “Tekno”. no movement what so ever. I attached the ball and bone and get the same “Tekno” responses.
I would love for my 4 year niece to finally start enjoy your product so if i can please get some help that would be great.

Naomi writes – I purchased one of these today for my 9 year old brother who is only heartbroken after a couple of hours as this robot is stuck In sitting position and was also bad at responding not only me but many people have had the same fault, I am very disappointed and will be Sharing this with many to assure they don’t buy this stupid excuse of a great toy.

Kieran writes – IS there an app available that is compatible with a kindle?

Katrina emails – My puppy keeps restarting, I just put new batteries in it. If I still had the box I would take it back. Tekno puppy was a Christmas gift for my son. Any help would be appreciated.

Kerry Naylor writes – My sons Teksta is not responding to anything we do and hasn’t since it was first switched on. Everytime we try anything it makes a ding dong sound and does nothing. What do we need to do or are we doing something wrong????

Martin writes – Is it possible to send me the apk file so I can put it on my tablet via my computer as my wifi is not working on the tablet.

Georgina emails – Bought my 5 year old daughter one of your puppies for Christmas!!… BUT no ball came with it!! Where can I get one ? Iv looked all over the internet!. Mean while my daughter is getting very distressed and impatient!! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much xxx.

Lynda emails about replacement bone – Hello, My son was given a puppy and he fell in love with it right away and made the pup happy. but the problem is, the puppy didnt come with a bone. is there a way to get a replacement bone at all? Thank you for your time. Lynda and one hungry RoboPup.

Cleveland on Techno robot – My family opened the package and the dog has been stuck in the sitting position the whole time, with the dog eyes lighted all the way. Can you please help???????

Kenny writes about Techno stuck in gesture mode – My dog is stuck sitting and his eyes are blinking like if he’s in gesture mode. He won’t respond to any commands or buttons pressed, and all he does is error beep at. How do I get him out of this mode?

Jade writes – Hi, we have had Teksta for a few days and his sound no longer works. There is no crying or barking. There is no troubleshooting anywhere! Can you help at all?

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