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Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Teksta Puppy!

I have emphasized enough about the fact that the Teksta robotic puppy is a pretty good replacement for a real life pup and also about the umpteen numbers of features which this robotic marvel possesses. At the end of the day, we need to understand the fact that the Teksta pup is yet another electronic product which incorporates modern day technology and is hence, subjected to its own list of concerns and issues which you, as a customer could clarify before going in for the pup.

Firstly, we need to digest the fact that Teksta is an electronic toy and it needs to be handled with proper care and caution. Now, this is an instruction which is tough to follow, especially when you are getting this pup for your kids. The sensors are going to work at their best only when this robotic dog is handled properly. Dropping the pup or ‘man handling’ it is not going to do any good to the durability of this toy. It is indeed a proven fact the Teksta robotic puppy is a delicate toy. One or two harsh moves and you are going to hear clicking sounds from the ear and other movable parts.
teksta dog
The average life of the Teksta pup is claimed to be 5-10 years but that totally depends on the way a person treats his beloved robotic pup. Also, you need to understand that the more you exercise your pup’s sensors, the quicker the battery is going to drain out.

The Teksta puppy has an app which actually allows you to program a few more tricks on to your Teksta puppy. Most of the customers get misled about this app as it is only available for an iPad and not for your iPhone or any other smart phone.

One of the best things about the Teksta is the pricing. While most of the electronic pets cost at least the double of what the Teksta costs, this pup would definitely go on to be a rage provided it has its tiny glitches sorted out and probably a revamp on the reliability aspect could drive this pet dog into a huge rage all over the world.

Irrespective of the minor issues and concerns which arise due to improper handling, the Teksta robotic puppy is still worth the money and is ought to be a favourite among kids on any day!

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