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Teksta Robotic Puppy – FAQs

These are some of the frequently asked question in regards to Teksta Robotic Puppy, the answer here will help to troubleshoot your Teksta Robotic Puppy.

What kind of batteries are used for Teksta Dog?

Teksta runs on 4 x AA Alkaline batteries (not included). The bone uses 3 x LR44 button cell batteries (included).

How long will the batteries last?

Depending on how often Teksta is played with, the AA Alkaline batteries will last from about 8 to 12 hours to several days. Heavy use of his motors may result a higher battery drain—maybe even less than 2 hours. The LR44 batteries will last several months.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

We recommend that only AA Alkaline batteries be used in this product. Rechargeable batteries might not have the best performance from the puppy due to the voltage output.

When he sits and I try to make him flip, he makes a warning sound and won’t flip. What is that?

There’s a sensor on the bottom of the robotic puppy that lets you know that Teksta is not sitting properly for a good launch (2 button tabs near the tail area). Make sure that the surface is even. Move him to a new location and try again. The puppy will not launch if he is not completely sitting flat on the surface. The puppy’s bottom should be evenly placed on a (preferably) smooth surface. Sometimes carpets with longer fibre will affect Tekstas performance.

One or both ears don’t seem to move up and down properly and there’s a clicking sound?

Check that the clear elastic bands that hold Tekstas head in place when inside the packaging have been removed from the ear joint as sometimes the elastic can remain hidden under his ear and restrict movement, hence creating a clicking noise.

Does he walk on carpet?

That depends on the thickness of the carpet. Teksta will walk an all slick surfaces and on most carpets. But, very deep carpeting may cause Teksta to not walk well.

Does the puppy respond to my speech? Does it matter what language I speak to him?

Teksta “listens” to word and sound patterns and tries to understand what is being said — in a similar way that a real puppy might. In TALK BACK mode, you can see how he interprets speech. Just like a real puppy, he will respond to any language.
Hint: if the environment is too noisy or many people are talking, Teksta will keep listening until the noise stop, then he will talk back to you. The puppy prefers this mode when he is left alone, i.e. he might be automatically in this mode. You need to draw his attention by patting his head, or pressing his nose to getout of this mode.
Do NOT press and HOLD this button, otherwise the puppy gets into the ‘Tablet programming Mode’ instead of this ‘conversation mode’.

Is there a “mute” button to make him quiet?

No, Teksta has no “mute button”. However, if you download his free app, you can adjust his amount of barking to be less and completely off (no bark) if you want.

Does the APP work with Apple and Android systems?

Yes. You can get an APP that works on Apple iPad® and Android™ powered tablet. However, they will not work on Smart phones.
Hint: for the best performance of the app, you need to point the speaker location towards to Tekstas head. However, different brands or models tablets may have different response/interactive performance with the puppy. In some cases you may need to adjust the distance between your tab and the puppy. Please refer to he in-app instruction.

Why does it take a few seconds for the robot to sit?

Teksta uses this time to energize his power source to make him jump.

Will the puppy go into hand gesture mode if I use my hand to stop him walking?

No. The puppy’s only response gesture when he is walking to STOP WALKING. He sees your hand as an obstacle when he’s walking. After making him stop, move your hand away from his eyes, then put your hand back before his eyes to give him the correct command to enter hand gesture mode. Once the puppy is in hand gesture mode, he can be made to sit or jump.
HINT: in this hand gesture mode, do not shake your hand. Give firm command to the puppy, otherwise he might be confused of what to do. You may need to have more practices with the puppy together to make him flip successfully.

teksta dog ready

HINT 2: the puppy IS READY for your hand gesture command when his eyes pattern like seen here. If his eyes are not like this, pat his head to draw his attention. Check out the video instruction link on this page and see exactly how this works.

His ear popped off. What do I do?

The puppy’s ears have detachable design prevents from broken or damage in accidental drop or impact. Simply pop it back on. It will be fine.

Can I wash the robot?

Yes, but only with a damp cloth. NEVER dip the product in water and avoid any water going inside the robot. DO NOT use any cleaners or detergents other than water.

Sometimes the robot drops the ball from his mouth and other times he doesn’t. Is this normal?

Yes. The ball may or may not drop from his mouth. It depends on how he wants to play at the time.

Why does the bone not appear to light up sometimes or the puppy doesn’t chew?

When Teksta is not hungry, he may not chew the bone anymore or the bone does not light up. Or, try to move the bone around his lower jaw and line up the arrow to activate the bone and feed the puppy.

No response from the puppy in App mode?

Teksta will only respond after he has finished one command from you, please give your order one by one. Besides, in App mode, when there is anything in front of the puppy, his IR will detect this, and the puppy simultaneously gets out of the App Mode. Same if you press any sensor/button of the puppy during this App mode.

Why does the puppy not always land on his paws after flipping?

Teksta is an 8 week old puppy and requires training. The more you train Teksta the more obedient he becomes and more likely to land on his paws. However there could be other factors that might influence the puppy’s landing result, including the friction of the surface, the hardness of the surface, the battery’s voltage; all would apply on the puppy’s paws during his landing. And the complex mechanical construction inside the puppy involves lots of internal components, which you may find that the puppy might not land on his feet successfully every time, and you would need to find the best surface for him.

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