8 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Teksta Puppy

We’ve seen enough about how the Teksta robotic puppy works but at the end of the day, you as a customer ought to know the benefits of investing in this robotic pup, which has brought smiles to the faces of tons of children all around the globe.

teksta robotic puppy why you should buy

  • Looking forward into the future, the world predicts a spurt in the usage of robots even in our day to day activities. In that case, why not have a robotic pup as a pet when it can do all that your real life pup does?
  • Maintenance Costs Slashed to almost null – The costs incurred in taking your pet to a vet, periodic vaccinations, purchasing pet care products and most importantly – pet food is definitely going to take a toll on your monthly expense chart. But with the Teksta puppy, you don’t have to worry about shelling out even a penny extra, except for the batteries though!
  • No Compromise on Emotional Connect – Your Teksta pup can respond to your affectionate touches and pats, can portray its happiness when you play with it or feed it with its bone and in short it does not compromise when it comes to emotionally connecting with its owner. At the end of the day, the owner does not miss the fact that he/she does not have a real life pet at all!
  • Travelling With Teksta ? – Do not worry! – Another hassle which real life pets could give you is when you ought to travel or commute with them. With Teksta the robotic pup, there’s no room for worries when it comes to travel. Teksta weighs only around 1.1 kgs which makes it easily ‘portable’ and taking it along with you in your car or van shouldn’t be a problem. This serves as a boon to kids who love to carry their pets along with them, wherever they go.
  • No Fur = No Allergy Worries – For all those people who love having pets but just cannot have one thanks to their allergic issues, do not have to brood about it anymore. Teksta is made of plastic and there’s no ‘fur worries’ for the allergic guys which makes Teksta top their options when it comes to owning a pet.
  • Language is no barrier – Teksta the robotic pup is super intelligent when it comes to understanding languages. Whether you are from Finland or from France, Spain or Sweden , you need not worry because Teksta the pup is seamlessly programmed to understand a variety of languages like French, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian, Danish and Norwegian. Now this 8 week old pup is a master of languages indeed!
  • There’s No Limit To The Tricks – The inventors of Teksta the pup have ensured that its owner does not get fed up with the monotony in the pup’s expressions , mannerisms and behaviour by creating an app which could potentially help you to download a few more tricks which this robotic marvel can do for you. What’s more important is that this app is absolutely FREE!
  • The Pup Can Shower Love too – There is no doubt about the fact that we love to see our pups connecting with other pups on the road or in the neighbourhood. The Teksta pup can do that too. Thanks to infrared technology, two Teksta pups can interact and play together! How cool is that?

Summing it all up, the Teksta Pup can make you happy, be a perfect pet and a companion. All this comes at a pretty affordable price and with a negligible amount of energy spent!

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